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Ocean Waves of Pacifica

Goal: Watch waves crash into the Pacific coast
Set: 2001
Accomplished: 12.05.2004

Sierra Club newsletter editor and webmaster training brought me to San Francisco for 4 days. On each trip I take I try to set one goal (usually specific to the culture or geography of the area) to accomplish during my stay. I decided early on that my mission would be to ride a cable car. Not just ride a cable car but stand on the edge and lean out over the passing concrete with the wind in my hair as the vehicle clickety-clacks up the daunting hills. Maybe the TV show Full House had a little too much influence on my childhood.

The day of departure had arrived. I still didn’t have an opportunity to experience Frisco’s trademark. Too much time was spent indoors (not by choice). Training ended at noon. I still had a little over an hour to explore the area before catching the subway back to the airport. My plan was to walk to the Apple store and then take a short ride on a cable car.

I hung around headquarters f…