Knit One, Purl Two

Goal: Learn to Knit
Set: 2007
Accomplished: 04.2009

I’m not sure what it is about knitting that first intrigued me. I’ve always been a crafty person so perhaps it was my desire to have yet another creative outlet. Or maybe it has to do with my love for all things hand-made. Whatever the reason, last winter I enrolled in a beginning knitting class at my local yarn shop. Since the first time I balanced those wooden needles in my fingers, I was hooked.

When I begin a new project, obsession takes over; it’s almost like the love-struck, la-la-land phase of a blooming relationship. With time, that fire peters out and, in some cases, I lose interest all together. Unfinished projects lay dusty and forgotten scattered about the house. But not with knitting. No. A year has passed and I can’t finish my projects fast enough so I can start on the next one. I’m still smitten by the soothing simplicity of looping yarn. I love the way the soft fibers snake through my fingers and the quiet clack of my needles.

Other goals have blossomed out of my love for knitting: learn how to spin, raise my own fiber animals, and someday own a yarn shop. Time will only tell where this knitting obsession will take me. For now, I have a hat to finish!


JMay said…
I wish I knew how to knit! Last night I was at a SIA concert & she literally asked people who knew how to knit to come to the stage and do so, so awesome!

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