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Bathroom Remodel

When I bought my house, the bathroom was in a pretty scary state. Nothing says “Home Sweet Home” like moldy walls, crusty faucets and the lingering scent of urine.
And so it began... my first remodeling project.
That wimpy little mask I have on in the photo didn’t last very long. A few hours into the demolition, the horse-hair plaster dust went right through the fabric and into my lungs. My chest hurt for days. That’s when I invested in one of those fancy masks with the canisters on the side that make you look like you’re ready to storm the beaches of Normandy. Those masks make your face sweat like crazy but I can’t recommend them enough. 
Next there was the day that I learned how to shut the water off. One misplaced swing and I had 9 gallons of water pouring out of the toilet tank. Whoops.
After removing all of the old plaster, we put up insulation, installed a new window and hung drywall.
That’s my mom demonstrating how much fun you can have while mudding the ceiling. I was so happy to h…

My 'Garden of Love' is Growing

When I first bought my house I had a landscaping party. Friends and family divided up perennials from their yards and brought them to mine. All of my flower gardens were established by the generosity of my loved ones. 
Three years later, my plants have grown enough to cut flowers for the house.  Those peonies - sigh - the whole house smells like heaven. Many of my plants are now large enough to be divided and shared with someone else. It's time to spread a little love around. Any takers?