The Befores and Afters of My First House

Built in 1857. Purchased August 23, 2006 for $35,000. Sold on July 21, 2010. This is a look back at how much my house changed in 4 years. 

Outside Before/After:

New roof and windows. Added fill around the house along with flower beds. 

Living & Dining Rooms:

Removed carpet and restored hardwood floor. Patched plaster walls and painted. 


Restored hardwood floor. Patched plaster walls and painted. 


New drywall, tile floor, toilet, sink and laminate on vanity. 


Removed vinyl floor. Painted walls.

A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this house. I hope the new owner enjoys living there as much as I did.


Anonymous said…
Great job restoring the house's charm.

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