Nothing Says "Happy Birthday" Like a 911 Call

This past weekend there was an unexpected twist to Christian's birthday celebration. As we were testing out the music speakers in the machine shed for our upcoming wedding reception, the farmer who rents our barn quickly walked up. 

"I think you may have a silo fire. I was just up the silo and I had burning embers falling on me. Do you know your address? We should probably call it in." 

The farmer called 911 and twenty minutes later, the barn was surrounded by 3 fire trucks and an ambulance.

Luckily, there was no fire. A power cord in the silo had an exposed area that dust was falling on and igniting. None of those embers burned long enough to start anything else on fire. Thank God! 

We've been working on restoring the barn and I keep having nightmares that a tornado (or fire!) is going to level it after all the hard work we've done. Not to mention that we have our wedding reception on the property in a few weeks and we would kind of like the barn to still be there. 

Thank you to all of the emergency personnel who took time out of their weekend to make sure our property didn't go up in flames.


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