Meet the Apple Master

Our apple tree is loaded this year - so much so that it's resting half of it's branches on the ground.
Along with baking pies and making applesauce, I decided to dehydrate apple rings for an upcoming backpacking trip. I went to Fleet Farm to get an apple corer but ended up bringing home an Apple Master. 
"Quickly Pares, Cores & Slices in one easy motion!" Sounds too good to be true... I had my doubts that the Apple Master would really work. 

The first step was to spear the apple through the core.
Then I turned the crank and giggled with delight because the Apple Master actually works. And it works WELL!
The sliced and peeled apple slid right off of the core.
The slices were still connected so to make rings, I just cut all the way through one side of the apple.
Next, I placed the rings in a solution of 1/2 C. honey, 1/2 C. water, and the juice of half a lemon.
Then I loaded up the trays of my dehydrator. I wish I had more trays!
The apples turned out great and the Apple Master saved me a TON of time. I don't think I would use the Master for peeling just one or two apples but when I need to peel a whole bunch of them, my new favorite kitchen toy will definitely come out of the cupboard.


Collette said…
I have an apple master too and I agree with you that it saves an immense amount of time when working with quantities. I am so thankful for it every year when I go to can applesauce :)
Kelly J. R. said…
Hey Collette! Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to the blogosphere! I actually started my blog years ago and have only just recently started posting somewhat regularly. It takes awhile to get into the groove of it.
Collette said…
I began checking your blog after you left facebook. I've enjoyed your posts. Hope you're doing well!

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