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Hungry Barn Cats

When our barn cats are hungry, they hang around the house in hopes of coaxing one of us to fill their feed dish out in the barn. They'll sit on the deck and give us sad eyes through the patio doors. We only give them food a few times a week because we want them to catch mice but they know they can get treats from me if they are cute enough.

A Mini-Honeymoon in the Porkies

Christian and I plan on going to the Canadian Rockies for a few weeks next summer for our official honeymoon but we decided to take a mini one this fall at our favorite place - the Porcupine Mountains in Upper Michigan. We turned our backpacking trip into a luxury vacation by staying at a different rustic cabin each night. Schlepping a pack over rivers and through the woods to sleep in a woodshed with no running water or electricity may not sound like the lap of luxury to most of you, but to us it was heaven. 

Day 1 (October 10, 2010) - Backpacked from Overlooked Falls down the Little Carp River Trail to the Big Carp 6 Cabin.  8.3 miles.

Day 2 (October 11, 2010) - Morning hike from the cabin up the Big Carp River trail to Shining Cloud Falls and back. Then backpacked 7 miles on the Lake Superior Trail to Buckshot Cabin.

Day 3 (October 12, 2010) - Packed the Lake Superior Trail out to the park road. Then we trudged up to Lake of the Clouds and took the North Mirror Lake Trail in to our 3r…

Little Wolf Knit Group

There's a new knitting group in Central Wisconsin and it was started by yours truly. If you happen to find yourself in Manawa on a Wednesday evening, stop in and join us! Work on your latest project and make some new friends.

Isn't Willa the Wolf pup just adorable? I had a lot of fun creating her.

Saturday Wake-Up

November 6th, 2010 at 7:30AM.