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More Proof That I Married the Best Man

For all of the times that I hear people complain about the crappy, thoughtless gifts that they get from their significant others, I just have to shake my head and smile. My husband is the most wonderful gift giver. Each Christmas I wonder how he will top the previous year's gift because he sets the bar so high for himself. Well, once again, he left me with tears of happiness on Christmas morning.

First of all, I was under the impression that we were exchanging gifts on Sunday once we got back to the farm. But then on Christmas morning I was told to go upstairs at his parents house and wait until called. I heard a lot of rustling around and then Christian came up the stairs to get me. I was led with my eyes closed to the chair in the living room where I was sat to wait.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing that I noticed was everyone standing in front of me with their cameras out. Now that's not intimidating! And then I noticed the large object underneath the sheet. 


It's Snowshoeing Time Again!

Yesterday the sun finally came out and temps were around 20 degrees so we headed out for our first snowshoe of the season. What a gorgeous day! We saw a ton of animal tracks criss-crossing the trails on my family's land. We spooked two deer, flushed a grouse and also saw a bald eagle riding the air currents. We both use the traditional long wooden snowshoes because they are quieter and keep you on top of the snow better.

Natural Decorating

Bringing the outside IN for the holidays.

Free Christmas Music

I'm a big fan of FREE and I love checking out new music so I was delighted to discover that Amazon is offering 25 days of free Christmas music downloads. Now I have some new tunes to listen to while I'm at work!