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Eating Real Food

On chilly winter nights, there's nothing that I love more than spending the evening in the kitchen – but I wasn't always of that mindset. In our fast-paced, over-worked, impatient world, cooking from scratch has become a thing of the past for most people. Food manufacturers make dinner fast and easy with boxed staples and freezer-to-microwave meals. But when you eat something that a corporation has made, how do you know for sure what you're really eating? For me, cooking from scratch started after I realized how much fake food – as in processed food – I was actually eating.
In 2004 I had the privilege of traveling with the International Crane Foundation to the Russian Far East. For three weeks we taught environmental education at a summer camp for area teachers and students. While there, our wonderful cook, Olga, kept our bodies nourished with homemade meals consisting of fresh, local ingredients. Many of us worried that we would get sick from drinking the water and eating …