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Never start a plumbing project in the afternoon

On Saturday, much to my delight, we visited a local Alpaca farm. Christian and I would like to have our own animals someday and we have been exploring different kinds of livestock. These gals definitely win in the cuteness category.

We got back to our farm around 3:30 only to find a big puddle of water coming from the water heater. The geniuses that installed the last water heater failed to put in water shut off valves. So, in order to replace the unit, we had to turn the water off to the whole house.
We had just come from Fleet Farm but now we had to turn around and go back to get a new water heater. Being out in the country, stores are not exactly close. An hour and a half later, we were finally lugging the new heater into the basement.
And, guess what. The new water heater fittings did't fit our old galvanized pipes. Having not eaten since our breakfast pancakes, we slammed a few bean burritos and headed back to Fleet Farm to get new fittings. 
By the time we got back to the farm, …