Big Lots = Big Savings

I love Big Lots! I'm in their Buzz Club Rewards Program which rewards you with 20% off your entire purchase after spending at least $20 during 10 separate visits. That sounds confusing but as long as you have your key tag swiped at the register, the computer keeps track of everything for you. 

Yesterday I went on my 20% off shopping spree and literally filled my cart to the brim. Big Lots always has great deals on organic food like pasta, sauce, and canned veggies and they stock a certain type of granola bars that my husband loves. I felt a little silly pushing my cart up to the register with SO many boxes of granola bars but I know that he'll eventually eat them so why not stock up? The bars are less than half the price at regular grocery stores.

This photo cracks me up. My receipt was almost as tall as me!


dulci said…
omg I LOVE BIG LOTS!! soooo good! I was really surprised by the food selection they have!

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