The Waiting Game

We are anxiously waiting to hear whether we get to bring this cute young lad home.

I think about him lying alone in that cold kennel and it breaks my heart. We met him for the first time last Thursday and filed our adoption papers the next morning. He's such a lover. After wrestling with Riley for a bit, he covered her in kisses. I know they will be great friends. I'm not good at waiting.


Kelly J. R. said…
We brought Buster home last night! He and Riley are already great friends and he has a pretty big pull on my heart.
Pretty Things said…

When I lost one of my beloved cats last year (he was nearly 20), I decided to volunteer at the shelter to help me get over the pain as best I could. Our shelter is AMAZING. The dogs sleep on cots, for one thing, and the kitties have these awesome "condos" to hide and sleep and play in that are built and integrated into their rooms.

And of course, when it was time, I came home with another cat.

Much love to Buster!
Kelly J. R. said…
Your shelter DOES sound amazing! I think it would be very hard to volunteer at a shelter without wanting to bring all of the animals home. I have such a large spot in my heart for shelter pets and my heart aches to see them without homes.

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