A January Outdoors

Christian and I managed to get out quite a few times in January to enjoy the outdoors. The snow was packed hard after a warm spell early in the month so we went out for a winter hike instead of snowshoeing. Skunk and Foster Lakes State Natural Area near Amherst, Wisconsin was stunning in winter. We helped build the section of the Ice Age Trail that runs through this area during the summer months but this was our first time visiting the lakes in winter.

Finally, some fresh snow blew in so we strapped on our snowshoes and checked out a local trail along the Little Wolf River.

The end of the month brought more fresh snow so we took Buster out for his first snowshoeing trip at my family's land near Waupaca. The dried flowers and tree branches glittered in the early morning hours.

This weekend will bring two more snowshoe outings - one on Friday to tire out the dogs, and then a trip back to Skunk Lake on Saturday, this time with our snowshoes.


Pretty Things said…
Beautiful shots. And I love what you say at the top of your blog, about doing what you want to once you're better from illnesses. I'm fighting one now, will be going into the hospital for a treatment that may do no good at all, and I feel like it's run my life these past two years -- fatigue alone has just about killed me, I swear. But I fake it and move on as best I can, secretly making my OWN list!

Glad to meet you!
Kelly J. R. said…
Lori, keep making that list! When my body couldn't do what my mind wanted, I dreamt. That was the only thing that kept me out of the dark pits of self pity. Looking back, being sick was the best thing that could have happened to me because it made me realize what's important in life. Stay strong in your fight and know that you're not alone.
Dionne said…
Oh how lovely is that perfect white blanket of snow. It looks so peaceful and serene. Gorgeous!
Carol said…
Beautiful pictures. I don't like the cold much but when it is this pretty you just have to go out in it.
Kelly J. R. said…
Carol, believe me, I don't like the cold either! I should take a picture of all of the clothes I layer on just to walk the dogs.

Dionne, fresh snow DOES make everything more peaceful. It's always quieter after snow falls. I love that!

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