Knit For Good Project

I'm really not into giving gifts when they're expected. I would much rather spread random happiness when I feel like it - not when society says there's a holiday and gifts must follow. With that said, when I came across Snickerdoodle's blog and her idea for a Knit For Good Knit-A-Long, I jumped right on board. The idea is quite simple: knit or crochet a baby hat then mail it to Caps for Good. That's it! 

Nearly 4 million babies die each year in their first month of life - half within their first 24 hours -mostly from preventable or treatable causes. But by giving mothers and caregivers a package of simple tools, including guidance on healthy newborn care practices, the majority of these deaths could be prevented. Items crucial to saving more babies’ lives include:

• antibiotics to treat infection
• immunizations against tetanus
• skilled birth attendants at every birth
• counseling on breastfeeding
• information on basic newborn care such as keeping the cord clean and keeping the baby warm
Baby caps are a simple and effective tool that can keep babies warm and ultimately contribute to reducing newborn deaths in the developing world.

This hat took me less than a week to finish and I was able to use yarn I already had on hand. 

Do you knit or crochet? Join the Knit for Good Knit-A-Long and help spread a little love around.


Dionne said…
What a great idea! I used to be able to knit a long time ago, but forgot how :( My Grandma taught me. I think I need more lessons.
Kelly J. R. said…
I bet if you stopped into a yarn shop and mentioned that you once knew how to knit, someone would be more than happy to give you a quick refresher. Yarn people are like that :) That's great that you learned from your grandma. My grandma knows how to tat and I've been thinking about asking her to teach me. She's 85 now and her hands are getting bad so I'm running out of time to learn.

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