The Big Day - Getting Ready

Our wedding day started early in the morning with my parents taking me to get my hair done at salon in downtown Waupaca. My mom got her hair styled as well and then we both changed into our fancy dresses. I wasn't nervous until I put my dress on - then I couldn't stop shaking! Meanwhile, Christian finished up a few last minute things at the farm then nervously drove with his mom out to the ceremony location at my family's land. (Riley wanted to come along so bad!) I hid behind the trees until Christian arrived then walked out to meet him. I love his smile when he first saw me!

My mom had a piece of her engagement diamond set in a cross necklace that she gave me as a wedding gift. I also wore my grandmother's wedding ring on my right hand and Christian's grandmother's engagement ring on a bracelet. After we pinned on the flowers and boutonnieres it was time to head up the hill for the ceremony.

To be continued....


Pretty Things said…
OMG, so lovely, and that last photo, of people walking through and we see their backs --- makes me want to go walking with them to see what's next!
Kelly J. R. said…
Thanks, Lori! My brother didn't understand why I wanted to have our ceremony in that field of goldenrod but after he saw it in full bloom, he understood!

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