Ceremony Preparations

While I love snowshoeing and the beauty of a fresh blanket of snow, I'm ready to move into our next season. I know spring is coming because the days are getting longer and the sun has been breaking through the gray of winter a little more every day. Dreaming of warmer days led me back to our wedding photos. Those August days were so hot and filled with sunshine. I thought I would share a series of posts on our simple do-it-yourself wedding. 

For as long as I can remember I wanted to get married on my parent's land in Waupaca. After Christian proposed, I started dreaming about where I wanted the ceremony to take place. In late August, one particular field is ablaze in yellow goldenrod. The center of the field has a small hill that leaves you with a great view of the surrounding property. I decided that's where I wanted to get married - in the middle of that field, surrounded by flowers and the ones we love. Since goldenrod only blooms for a few weeks in late summer, that determined our wedding date: August 28th. 

A few weeks before the wedding, my dad and I drove out to the land to mow the "aisle" and a large circle where everyone would stand during the ceremony. In reality, my dad did all of the dirty work while Riley and I supervised. The flower buds were just starting to peek yellow so the goldenrod was right on schedule.

In sticking with the do-it-yourself theme, my mom and I made the corsages and boutonnieres for our ceremony guests. I really wanted something that would last instead of a real flower that would just wither and die. The flowers and leaves were cut out of felt and the buttons came from my mom's collection. Since we had a private ceremony with just my grandparents, our parents, Christian's two sisters and my brother and his girlfriend, we only had a handful of pins to make. For my side, we made yellow pins and for Christian's side we went with baby blue - the color that represents him in so many ways. 

Stop back tomorrow for the reception preparations!


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