Reception Preparations

Since we hosted our own wedding reception at our farm, a good part of our summer was spent preparing. The machine shed floor had to be raked and walls rid of cobwebs, twinkle lights strung, the yard and garden tidied, and so on. All of that was piled on top of the start to a huge restoration project on our barn. While the whole summer was busy (and went by in a blur) most of the chaotic setup happened the day before the wedding. We were so fortunate to have help from our parents and Christian's sisters, Molly & Dayna. 

We started at the crack of dawn hauling soda up from the basement of the house and piling it in the tractor bucket. Christian then drove the tractor back to the machine shed and the soda was loaded into the cooler - our 16' Adirondack canoe. Next, the chairs, tables, and port-a-potties arrived so everyone worked on setting those up. Wind was ripping through the building so our moms were having a heck of a time trying to figure out a way to keep the tablecloths on. After a few trial and errors, they ended up tying twine completely around the table in numerous spots. Luckily, the wedding day wasn't as windy.

The table decorations were simple: blue mason jars (collected from thrift stores, friends & family) filled with flowers, muffins wrapped in cloth (made by Christian's mom), and cardboard egg cartons filled with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Lemon Heads. I didn't want to buy flowers so I snipped sunflowers and zinnias from my garden. Then Molly and I picked black-eyed susans from our little prairie and poked around in the roadside ditches (and got eaten alive by mosquitos!) until we had enough flowers to fill all of the jars. 

Setting up was a long and hectic day. The temperature was over 90 degrees so wicks were short - mine especially. (That's the understatement of the year!) But with everyones help, the work got done. At the end of the day, we treated everyone to dinner at our favorite supper club - Triple O. Good food and a few drinks brought the smiles back out. The nice waitresses came out and sang to Christian & I (much to our embarrassment) and presented us with a yummy desert. After dinner we checked out the lights in the machine shed. Just perfect!


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