What's On Our Menu This Week

Last week we were meat-free and this week we're having meat almost every night. I have to make my husband happy somehow!

Monday: Clean out the fridge burritos. YUM! Our comfort food.
Tuesday: One of my favorite soup recipes growing up and still a favorite. I modified it a little by throwing in some leftover ricotta cheese and parsnips.
Wednesday:  I had forgotten just how much the packet recipes makes - way too much for 2 people! The fridge is overflowing with leftovers right now.
Thursday: I ended up having to work overtime AND I still needed to get groceries after work so we had frozen pizza instead. Sad.
Friday: One day behind schedule. The burgers were yummy but the syrup the veggies were in turned out soupier than last time.
Saturday: The spicy tomato soup was good, as always.
Sunday: Christian asked what was for supper. I said, "meat loaf" and he said, "That's not what the menu says! It says we're having pizza." We just had pizza a 3 days ago, dear. The meatloaf recipe I used was a new one: 40% beef, 40% tofu and 20% veggies. It was very good - and I'm not a meatloaf person.
Weekend Baking: Banana and coconut sounds like a weird combination but the muffins were a hit. I shared them with my spinning instructor because, while I enjoy baked goods, my hips don't. 


Dionne said…
Can I come over for dinner? This looks yummy!

And sorry about your friend. That's rough! I can't believe she wouldn't even admit she did the wrong thing. What a shame - but it's her loss.
Kelly J. R. said…
We'll share our meals if you'll share some of your yummy baked goods! :)
Andrea said…
I love how organized you are. I think I may be envious. I need to get that =more yummy meals =happy husband =loves
Amy Rene said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I love planning menus out every week too! I also make my hubby happy by giving him lots of meat after a while of all veggies, so by the end of the month I owe him big.

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