What's On Our Menu This Week

We're having a lot of easy meals this week with only two new recipes - the corn and cod cakes and the stone fruit tea cake.

Monday: What's not to love about chili baked in a cast iron skillet and topped with cheesy corn bread.
Tuesday: The black bean soup was actually a curry lentil soup mix that I bought from the natural foods store. I added salsa, cumin, and green onions to give it a mexican bite.
Wednesday: Tasty but I had a hard time keeping the darn things rolled up.
Thursday: This was a quick, throw everything in one skillet meal before I had to run back out the door. We both think it turned out delicious.
Friday: The veggie burgers I made were couscous, lentils, egg, sunflower seeds, onion and carrot. They taste amazing but don't stay together very well. I wonder how I can fix that...
Saturday: I ended up going shopping all day with my mom and Christian was working on a side job so we had leftovers.
Sunday: Every time I make a ham it takes at least 1 1/2 hours longer to cook than recommended. This time I factored in the extra time so we didn't end up eating at 8:30PM. Also, we ended up having potatoes and acorn squash instead of pasta.
Weekend Baking: This recipe was out of Gourmet magazine. I used mango and peach as the fruits which was a mistake. I think it would have been really good if I had used cherries instead. The dough was delicious but the fruit just didn't work.


Beatriz said…
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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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