2011 Vegetable Garden

I have spring fever so bad. Our little part of the world is still(!) covered in snow so there's no playing in the garden. Not for awhile yet. Last week I put together our garden plan. Every year I build a layout in Adobe Illustrator - call it graphic artist geeky fun.

I practice organic gardening so you'll notice a few flowers mixed in among the veggies. Flowers are a great way to attract or repel certain insects. Every year our garden is very much alive with beetles, spiders, butterflies and birds - some good and some bad. But that's nature and she's been doing a pretty good job of taking care of herself all these years so I think I'll stay out of it.

Most of the plants have been placed in a certain spot for a reason. The beans are next to the corn because beans add nitrogen to the soil and corn loves nitrogen. Marigolds are by the corn because deer like corn but they do not like marigolds. The Hales melon is planted between the peas because by the time the peas are done and pulled out, the melon will be large enough to take up that whole row. And so on.

After putting together the master plan, I went about starting seeds. Last year I cheated and bought all of our tomato, squash and pepper plants from an heirloom plant sale at the local botanical gardens. With planning our wedding, I didn't have the energy to start seeds as well. Buying seedlings worked extremely well and we had big yields of everything but, like I mentioned before, I felt like I was cheating. So, this year I'm starting everything from seed myself. I hope it works. In the past, I've had problems with the seedlings dying after I transplant them into the garden.

Most of our seeds came from 1 of 2 places: Seeds of Change for unique, organic heirloom varieties and Jung because they are local. In addition to vegetables, I started a lot of flowers to place in hanging baskets and pots around our house. I can't wait for things to start growing. I'm ready to move into the next season.


Pretty Things said…
I used to have an A-MAZ-ING garden but alas, not at this house. The yard is too small for anything.
Kelly J. R. said…
I know it's not even remotely close to the same thing - but you could still grow a few things in containers...
Kelly J. R. said…
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