After Ceremony Shots

After the ceremony we took the traditional family shots. I really like the one of me with my mom and grandma and then our 3 wedding rings. We brought an Aldo Leopold bench up the hill for grandma and grandpa to sit on since the photos were going to take awhile. We said our vows at high noon and it was bright and HOT at this point - that didn't keep me from leaping around like a crazy person, though. Meanwhile, Christian and his sisters were trying to cool off in the minimal breeze.

Christian and I are big hikers so I wanted a few shots with my hiking boots on. Also, we have a tradition at the Land that visitors must sign our outhouse. Important events get recorded there as well so we had to stop by and leave our mark.


Pretty Things said…
I've loved looking through all your photos!!!!
Kelly J. R. said…
Thank you! There's a few more posts to come yet. I've enjoyed going back through all of the photos and remembering our day.

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