And Then Our Guests Arrived

A good majority of our guests traveled over 2 hours to attend our reception so we reserved a block of rooms at a local hotel. Since we're out in the country the hotel was 20 minutes away. As a wedding gift to us, my brother arranged shuttles from the hotel to our farm and back for our overnighting guests. We were so thankful for the shuttle because we knew our guests would get back safely. The only bad thing about the shuttle was that everyone arrived all at once - that was a bit overwhelming!

The first thing that the guys did was hunt down the kegs. We had Spotted Cow so I can't really blame them! Toasts were made and people took family portraits in front of our lovely corn backdrop. Right before dinner we gathered everyone by our barn for a group shot. Our photographer climbed up on some scaffolding and took the shot from over 15 feet in the air. I treasure that group photo.

In addition to the roast pig we had chicken, potatoes, cole slaw, fruit salad, dinner rolls, and baked beans. We went with a simple country bar-b-que theme for our meal. Once Christian and I finally sat down to eat we were serenaded by his mom's side of the family who has a tradition to sing a certain song at all important events. Instead of wedding cake we had PIES! Friends and relatives arrived with homemade pies and marked the flavor and baker with little flags. We had so many pies and had a lot leftover so Christian and I pigged out on them all week. Yum!


Cart Ridges said…
What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!
ApachesPrincess said…
What a great time it looks like everyone had! Congratulations! I love how delicious the pies look!
Kelly J. R. said…
Thanks for the comments! The pies WERE delicious. I loved that they were baked by our relatives too. I wanted to try a slice of every single one.

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