Dusty Dancin'

After everyone had their fill of pig and pie, we started up the music for a little dancing. The RSVP cards to our wedding reception had a spot for 2 song requests. We loved getting the cards back in the mail and seeing what songs everyone wanted to dance to.

After all of the requests were in, I went out to iTunes and loaded up my computer with music. Our guests picked out the majority of the music we played that night. We hauled my computer out to the machine shed and hooked it up to some big stereo speakers. No DJ needed! During the night, I remembered who had requested what songs so if they weren't out there dancing, I could call them out on it. :)

Christian and I had our first dance to Keith Urban's "Making Memories of Us". My dad and I danced to Bucky Covington's "A Father's Love" and Christian and his mom danced to "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. Then everyone jumped in to stomp some dirt. As the night wore on, we were really kicking up a cloud of dust. 

When "YMCA" came on, a group of hillbillies came running in wearing overalls and yelling "YEEHAW!!!" Here my family had secretly snuck off into the field to change into bibbers, flannel shirts and bandanas. I laughed so hard - especially since Christian's family was shocked that my mom had planned this little prank. Even better, the next day during the gift opening, all of the bibbers were hid around our property. For months afterward we were finding the overalls in the chest freezer, cedar chest, closets, tool box, etc. I think we found a total of nine but there still might be a few more out there....

The dancing lasted well into the night. After the last guest had gone, Christian and I walked down the hill to our quiet farmhouse. 


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