The Pig

After ice cream we headed back to our farm and took care of a few last minute things before our reception guests arrived. For as long as I can remember, I wanted a pig roast for my wedding so that's what we did. The pig had been roasting since 6:00 that morning and was ready to be carved. All of the girls were pretty grossed out by what they saw. I wasn't bothered by it - I think it's good to know and understand where your food comes from. The pork tasted delicious! Instead of a guest book I drew a tree that everyone placed their fingerprint "leaf" on. It turned out great! Of course, Riley had to poop right by the machine shed so I had to get rid of the yard bomb. Then Christian and I took some fun pictures up in the barn. 


Cat said…
Oh, I love the idea of a pig roast at a wedding...I will bet you are so glad you did this! :)

I adore the "American Gothic" painting inspriation is a keeper!
Kelly J. R. said…
Cat - thanks for the comments! The American Gothic photo is my absolute favorite from the whole day! I had a pretty hard time keeping a straight face while we were shooting it.

I see you're from Milwaukee. So is my husband! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Hannah Moore said…
Hi Kelly,

One of my favorite memories from when I was a kid, is a time when my scout troop roasted a whole pig for a party. I remember it as being gigantic and really really delicious!

I am from Denmark, and we like to eat the crackling (I think that is the word? I mean the skin of the pork) as well. It is the best thing ever! You scribe the skin (once again, I don't know if this is the right word), and rub it with salt, and then just roast it like normal. Yummy!

Congratulations on your wedding by the way! I got married on September 25th 2010:)
Cindy said…
I LOVE the American Gothic pose! I think it deserves to be printed out and framed to be displayed! My favorite pictures around the house are the silliest ones (: Thank you for sharing
Duncan D. Horne said…
That's a classic picture of the two of you with a rolling pin and a spade! Looks like you're going to pound each other!

Duncan In Kuantan
Kelly J. R. said…
Hannah - Congrats on your wedding as well! The crackling sounds delicious.

Cindy - My brother has a hallway in his house with old photos of our relatives. We gave our American Gothic photo to him to add to the wall :) We'll be hanging it in our house as well.

Duncan - Thanks for the comment! We tried to portray the serious, angry look that most people have in old photos. Life must have been tough back in the day because no one ever smiled in their photos!

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