This Boy is One Today

Buster. Buss. Bussy. Buster Brown. Skinny Bones. Boney Butt. Buddy. Bud. Birthday Boy.

1 year old. 31 pounds. Ravenous appetite. Clumsy and heavy puppy legs. Fast as a squirrel. Doesn't chew food. Obsessed with playing ball. Hates being blown at. Can jump HIGH! Never sleeps on car rides. Scared of other dogs. Tries to herd flying birds. Goes to bed early. Deathly afraid of cats. Would chase cars if we let him. Lets Riley get the ball first. Hates being brushed. Learning to catch a frisbee. Doesn't bark. Can sit, stay, lay and shake. Loves to run. Mostly serious but knows how to smile. 

One year old. Buster, you've only been in my life for 3 months but I already can't imagine life without you. 


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