What's On Our Menu This Week

I like to borrow cookbooks from the library and preview them before deciding whether I should buy or not. This week I'm cooking four different recipes from the Power Foods cookbook. It's on short loan so I only have two weeks to try out the recipes instead of four. I hope the food tastes as delicious as the photos look!

Monday: Burritos are my "throw whatever leftovers we have together" meal and they are always Christian's favorite.
Tuesday: The mushroom and scallion frittata from the Power Foods cookbook was so easy to make - only 5 ingredients if I remember correctly - and it was delicious.
Wednesday: The burger recipe was just okay. I actually prefer the portobello burgers that I just throw together and season with Penzey's spices.

Thursday: VERY good stir-fry. I didn't have almond butter like the recipe called for so I used peanut butter instead. Still yummy. I was a little ticked off at the soba noodles I bought. The front of the package said 100% buckwheat which would make them gluten-free. While I was cooking the meal I was reading the package again and the ingredients said wheat flour and buckwheat flour. How can something be 100% buckwheat if it contains wheat? ARG!
Friday: I switched Friday and Sunday's meals because I forgot to make the rice and we were so hungry. The ham and pasta was a faster meal.
Saturday: Since it was SNOWING(!) I decided to make the chili a day early. I used a package of World Market's Smokey Southwestern Chili and it was surprisingly good!
Sunday: Better late than never - I finally made the Creamy Shrimp and Rice. This was a recipe that came on the Philly Cooking Creme - Savory Garlic package. I wasn't impressed.
Weekend Baking: When I picked out the muffin recipe I forgot that I'm trying to eat gluten-free. Duh! Since half of the dry ingredients are wheat bran, that recipe was out. Instead, I made Double Banana Chocolate Breakfast Bars. They taste just like banana bread. Yum!


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