On Our Menu: May 9-15

I want to try a little different format for my weekly menu posts. I think that when I was updating the "In Review" section, blogger was posting the update as a whole new post. I don't know about you, but I would find that incredibly annoying. So, I'm going to start each menu post with a review from last week's menu; and then I will post this week's menu.

MAY 2-8 IN REVIEW: (View the original post here)
Monday: I modified the rice and cheddar bake quite a bit. (From The Gluten-Free Vegetarian Kitchen) I added almost a whole head of chopped up cauliflower and also some chicken. I also doubled the cumin and added an extra egg. The bake came out kind of like a souffle - light and fluffy and very tasty.
Tuesday: We had dentist appointments after work so decided to eat out in town. We tried out Glass Nickel Pizza and it was SO good! We ordered a 16" thick crust pizza - half was the Fetalicious and the other half was the Deluxe. Meat for Christian, veggies for me. Perfect!
Wednesday: I was really hungry and crabby after grocery shopping then making the drive home. I considered not cooking but after taking my first bite of this dish, I was so glad that I made it. The recipe came from Martha Stewart magazine. I swapped the whole wheat linguine out for a gluten-free penne but other than that, I made the recipe exactly as listed. I was a little intimidated by the asparagus strips but they were easy to make with a vegetable peeler.
Thursday: For our Cinco de Mayo meal, I made Chicken Picadillo from a recipe in Penzey's latest catalog. The soft tacos were a little different from any other mexican food I've made because they included raisins and almonds. The flavor was just okay.
Friday: The cilantro pilaf turned out weird. (From Complete Gluten-Free Cookbook)
We couldn't even taste the cilantro so I'm wondering why the recipe is called that. The dominate flavor was sun-dried tomatoes. Too dominate, actually.
Saturday: More plumbing repairs meant another afternoon without running water. Luckily I didn't need water to put together the Hawaiian Kielbasa Sandwiches. In the end, we didn't even eat supper Saturday night because we went to watch my mom introduce honey bees into a hive. More on that later. We had the sandwiches for lunch on Sunday and they were very good. Next time around I would add some red onion slices to the slow cooker and top the sandwiches with cheese.
Sunday: The meatball stew was delicious. (From Complete Gluten-Free Cookbook) So healthy and hearty - I didn't even add the pasta as recommended. For the meatballs I used ground turkey. I plan on making another batch and freezing them for future use because they were so tasty. I never got around to baking the roasted potato garlic bread but I would still like to give it a shot.

And now, our menu for May 9-15

I think I'm most looking forward to Thursday night's meal. I'm attending a potluck and fundraiser auction for the Fox Valley Sierra Group. I love potlucks!


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