What's On Our Menu This Week: May 2-8

I'm trying out 7 new recipes this week. WHEW! Hopefully I can stay motivated and make it happen.

Monday: I modified the rice & cheddar bake quite a bit. I added almost a whole head of chopped up cauliflower and also some chicken. I also doubled the cumin and added an extra egg. The bake came out kind of like a souffle - light and fluffy and very tasty.
Tuesday: We had dentist appointments after work so decided to eat out in town. We tried out Glass Nickel Pizza and it was SO good! We ordered a 16" thick crust pizza - half was the Fetalicious and the other half was the Deluxe. Meat for Christian, veggies for me. Perfect!
Wednesday: I was really hungry and crabby after grocery shopping then making the drive home. I considered not cooking but after taking my first bite of this dish, I was so glad that I made it. The recipe came from Martha Stewart magazine. I swapped the whole wheat linguine out for a gluten-free penne but other than that, I made the recipe exactly as listed. I was a little intimidated by the asparagus strips but they were easy to make with a vegetable peeler.


Dionne said…
OK, make extra on Friday and Sunday, I am coming over! YUMMMY!
Sally Anderson said…
Hi Kelly, I'm your Bead Soup Blog Party partner! I couldn't find your email address so I thought I'd leave mine for you here: sba13221@flash.net

I'd love to hear about your jewelry making preferences and what you like to do. I have been reading your blog this evening and am in awe of your hiking and backpacking. Beautiful pictures of awe-inspiring places! When I saw your post about your Mom, I knew we'd get along just great! I have that kind of relationship w/ my two daughters.

Looking forward to swapping with you but let's email first -- addresses, preferences, dislikes, etc.


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