Back from the Dead

All day yesterday I was pretty bummed out about losing our cat, Ash. When I pulled into our driveway after a long day at work, I saw a gray cat sitting up by the barn. I slowly opened the door and questioned, "Ash?" She came running toward me for her daily dose of love. Ash came running toward me. ASH!!! 

I was so confused and dumbfounded. If Ash is alive, then who in the world did I bury?!! We NEVER see other gray and white cats at our farm. We have an occasional black and white visitor as well as an orange tabby but no gray and white cats. I can only come up with one possible conclusion. Last June, Ash gave birth to a litter of 7. One of those kittens resembled her.

Bushy, June 2010.

Bushy was around for a few months then moved on to bigger and better things. Or did he?

Bravo and Bushy, August 2010.
Bushy, October 2010

I think Bushy was who I buried the other night. Perhaps he had been on our farm all along and we just didn't know it. Or maybe he came back home to visit his mom.  In any case, we're so happy that Ash is still alive, but now we're worried that whatever got Bushy, will soon get Ash and Bravo too.

While Ash ran figure-8's through my legs last night, Bravo looked on. In no time, he joined in and let me pet him for the very first time. I think he could sense my happiness and couldn't resist.


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