Garden Update: June 1, 2011

The vegetable garden is running a little behind schedule this year due to a cold spring. Usually, the entire garden is planted by Memorial Day. So far this year I've only sown peas, salad greens, onions and sweet corn. The seeds that I started back in April have grown to little seedlings and are hardening off this week. I hope to put them in the ground this weekend. Christian and I spent a lot of time this past week edging the garden and pulling weeds. You can see a bit of crabgrass that still needs to be yanked toward the bottom corner. That stuff is so hard to get rid of! Perennial herbs are in the foreground, then 3 rows of strawberries, then the rows of veggies.

We've had a few nasty hailstorms and violent winds this spring which has left our rhubarb and chives looking beat down and battered. The chives will bounce back but I'll have to buy (!) rhubarb this year if I want to make my favorite pie.

The salad greens are just starting to poke through and the strawberries are blooming.

My dad gave me a bundle of leftover sticks he had cut for a project so I used them to make trellises for the sugar snap and shell peas. The sprouts are already latching onto the strings with their little tendrils.

Christian also spent a good amount of time improving the area beneath our water hydrant. The new setup has better drainage and (currently) no weeds. Yes! I made the "08" bricks for Christian for Christmas one year so we'll always remember when he put the water line in.


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