No Menu This Week

Life is a little busy right now so I won't be posting our menu this week or a review of last week's disappointments. Translation: this particular cookbook is going in the trash. Now I know why it was at the thrift store!

I do have to mention one recipe from last week that was incredibly delicious: Chilean Country Ribs. Even though I ran out of propane for the grill halfway through cooking and had to finish in the oven, the ribs turned out tender and juicy and had the perfect blend of zing and heat. (And they went great with beer) Christian's remark was, "Well, Kelly, you're turning out to be quite the little grill master." I'll take that as a compliment.


Christiane said…
Hey Kelly,
you've won the draw on the my blog:
get in touch and let me know which state you'd like as a print and I'll post it asap, Cheers.

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