On Our Menu: June 20 - 26

I knew that we had wild asparagus growing in our ditch but the city vultures always beat me to it. On the weekends, folks slowly troll the country roadways and hunt down the crispy green spears. This time, I got there first!

Delicious! I grilled these babies up on Friday night along with chicken and roasted potatoes. On Saturday when I was out working in the garden, I saw some people hunting around in the ditches. Hehehehe. Too late!

The forecast for this week is rain and cooler weather so I'm cooking a lot of comfort foods: gnocchi, potpie, and mac & cheese. There goes the diet!

LAST WEEK'S MENU IN REVIEW (View the original post here)
Monday: Toss all the leftovers on a pile of nachos and smother with cheese. Yum.
Tuesday: My parents and I went to see Water For Elephants (finally!). The movie was good but the animal (and Marlena) abuse parts were really hard to watch. Not really a feel-good movie. The popcorn was great though!
Wednesday: I wasn't going to grill out in the rain so I switched the Wed. & Thur. meals and made burgers over the stove. The burgers had a mild taste and the texture was good but they fell apart easily.
Thursday: Now back to the Spicy Marinated Shrimp. This recipe came from one of Christian's relatives. For our wedding shower I asked people to write down one of their favorite recipes. I think this shrimp is going to become one of our favorites.
Friday: The Nora's Grilled Chicken was very, very good! Basil and lime sounds like a weird combination but it was so perfect. The Up North Roasted Potatoes recipe came out of a Penzey's catalog. The potatoes turned out pretty good but not a recipe I will make again. I also grilled up the yummy asparagus in the photo above.
Saturday: I spent the day with my mom hiking, visiting a friend's llama farm and yarn shop, and weeding the strawberries. We finally sat down to rest and watch Tangled while eating yesterday's leftovers with banana-strawberry smoothies for dessert.
Sunday: I made a whole-wheat pizza crust and my own sauce, then topped it off with zucchini, baby bellas, tomatoes, and onions. I think pizza is my favorite food.


Dionne said…
Basil and lime? Never thought to put those two together, but it sound intriguing. I will have to try it.
Regina said…
Wow! you really found those on the side of the road! That is crazy cool. They look beautifully yummy!
Pretty Things said…
We love asparagus here!

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