On Our Menu: June 6 - June 12

Now that we're into some nicer (and warmer!) weather, I hope to cook more meals out on the grill. I'll be doing just that on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday of this week.

LAST WEEK'S MENU IN REVIEW (View the original post here)
Tuesday: The Three Mushroom, White Wine & Garlic Risotto recipe came out of The Gloriously Gluten-Free Cookbook. Neither Christian or I could take more than 3 bites of this horrible meal. You know when you throw up a little bit in your mouth? Um, yeah, that's what the risotto tasted like. Sorry to be so gross but that's the truth. I felt so disappointed that I ruined perfectly good mushrooms for this horrible dish. Not to mention that I had to spend 15 minutes constantly stirring the risotto so my hands were aching more than they normally do. All so it could end up in the trash.
Wednesday: I was a little scared to make another recipe from The Gloriously Gluten-Free Cookbook but the Chicken and Broccoli in Peanut Sauce was delicious. I cut back on the red curry sauce because I know from other recipes that it's hot stuff. I used 1 1/2 Tbsp. and the amount of heat was just right for us.
Thursday: The Ravioli with Snap Peas & Mushrooms was mediocre. The sauce never thickened and the flavor was some-what bland.
Friday: I spent most of Friday running errands and at my spinning (as in wool) group so I didn't have enough time to make the greek lentil salad. Instead, I made tilapia on the grill along with a Mixed-Mushroom Hobo Pack with the leftover mushrooms from Tuesday's disaster. Both turned out pretty well and it was fun to cook our meal outdoors.
Saturday: We spent most of the day at an Amish auction and had hamburgers for lunch so I skipped the planned veggie burgers and made Feta Shrimp with Linguine for supper. This was another bland meal. Christian said, "I'll take bland over horrible any day." (See Tuesday's comments above)
Sunday: Now onto the veggie burgers. I love the flavor of these and I've made them so many times, but for the life of me, I can't get the patties to stay together. Any ideas? 


Collette said…
Hey, wondering if you would be willing to share some of your favorite vegan recipes?? I am thinking about making the switch and later this month am having a house guest who is vegan.
Thinking about your veggie burger problem--do you put any egg or egg substitute in them? I've also found that the silken tofu "binds" things together a little. Just a thought.
Kelly J. R. said…
Hey Collette - nice to hear from you! In regards to the veggie burgers, yes, the recipe calls for 1 egg. Maybe next time I'll try adding 2.

As for vegan recipes, I'm not sure I'm the right person to ask. We still eat meat almost every week in our house so I haven't tried THAT many vegan recipes. One website that I found a few months ago is http://ohsheglows.com/ Angela shares a lot of nice vegan recipes. We've tried a handful of them so far. Two standouts are her Cilantro Avocado Cream Sauce (for on burritos) and the Fruity Baked Oatmeal with Cinnamon Almond Topping. Tonights recipe is from her site so I'll let you know how that one is.
Kelly J. R. said…
I made the Vegetable and Edamame Pasta with Basil Cream Sauce last night and it was SO GOOD! I highly recommend trying that one too! ;)
Collette said…
Thanks Kelly!

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