On Our Menu: May 31 - June 5

Well, better late than never! The extra long weekend has me all confused this week.

LAST WEEK'S MENU IN REVIEW (View the original post here)
Monday: In the past I used pork pot stickers from Aldi and the soup turned out great. This time I tried a vegetarian variety from a different store and the soup was just so-so.
Tuesday: The lasagna was a way to get rid of some leftover ricotta. Nothing fancy. Just a bunch of stuff layered together then baked.
Wednesday: The pork that I pulled out of the freezer looked a little sketchy so I just tossed it. I made the mushroom and scallion frittata instead which led to a debate about how a frittata is exactly like an omelet (which I don't like). Christian, on the other hand, likes omelets and has now learned that he should just request a frittata.
Thursday: Pizza burgers... I think. My memory is a bit hazy from the long, hot weekend.
Friday: ??? See above comment
Saturday: We ended up going to my family's land for the afternoon so we cooked turkey brats over the campfire. Yum!
Sunday: Black beans & kielbasa. A nice slow cooker meal. I really need to use that thing more in the summer. Sure beats standing over the stove!
Monday: We spent almost the whole day working outside in the heat and didn't really feel hungry in the evening. I put together some salads with fresh veggies and we finished off the holiday weekend with Banana Chocolate Smoothies.


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