Spring Hiking

Christian and I have been hitting the trails almost every weekend. A few weeks ago we went back to Emmons Creek State Natural Area near Waupaca. The last time we were there was in February with snowshoes strapped to our feet. What a difference!

Winter can be pretty but I'm loving the lush green woods and the blue skies! 

Springs flowers daintily lined the trails. I could have spent hours photographing all of the pretty things on the forest floor but the mosquitoes were having a feast.

That same weekend we went exploring at Keller Lake County Park near Big Falls. I thought we might find some hiking trails there, but other than a few deer trails, we were out of luck. Nonetheless, we spent some time admiring the beauty of the falls and the Little Wolf River. 

Shortly after I took the waterfall photo, Buster realized he was surrounded by water. He doesn't like water - at all! He was pretty scared trying to get back across the rocks and on to solid ground, crawling on his stomach and the whole bit. Even when he gets a drink out of a river or lake, he does everything in his power to avoid getting his feet wet. Hopefully he'll grow out of that fear as we spend more time around the water this summer.


Pretty Things said…
I love the juxtaposition of the winter and summer photos!

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