On Our Menu: July 18 - 24

After being in the cool, dry mountain air for 2 weeks we had a bit of a shock coming home to hot, sticky Wisconsin. With heat indexes well over 100 degrees, I refuse to turn on the stove. We'll be sticking to fresh veggies, crock pot meals and grilling out. The one thing I always crave after being on camping trips is fresh veggies and fruit so we'll be getting our fair share of those this week. Oh, and ice cream. Let's not forget the ice cream!


Goodthings said…
Pretty decent menu! It was so hot in Boston few days ago, I couldn't cook at all. All we ate were fresh, cold, raw fruits and vegetables as well.
Kelly J. R. said…
We're still waiting for a lot of things to ripen in our garden. Once they do, we'll be eating a lot more fresh veggies in our meals. I can't wait!

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