From Garden to Table

Last night I went out to the garden and harvested a small basketful of cherry tomatoes, basil, sweet corn and a red onion.

I had come across a recipe from Relish called Corn & Tortellini Toss that works perfectly with what we're growing in our garden. A few chops and dices later along with a quick saute and a batch of tortellini boiled and drained, we enjoyed yet another delicious meal straight from our backyard.

I love harvest season!


Sally Anderson said…
Hi Kelly, You've got my mouth watering with those fresh veggies! I clicked on the link you had for the tortellini and have to tell you that yours looks so so much better! I'll bet it was!!

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a 100 more!

Best wishes,
Kelly J. R. said…
Thanks for the Anniversary wishes! I'm not sure I want 100 more because living to 130 might be pushing it. LOL. But I know what you mean ;)

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