Garden Update: August 10, 2011

The last time I took photos of the garden was over 2 months ago. My, how things have grown!

The photo makes it look like a total mess but there is some order to the chaos. This is the time of year that gardening is really fun. The weeds aren't growing as fast and the harvests are coming in. The pole beans have climbed up the corn stalks and are reaching for the sky. Our yummy heirloom sweet corn is ripe. See the brown silk on the cob? That's how you can tell it's ready!

The zinnias, marigolds and cosmos are helping to repel deer and attract beneficial insects. Our Cocozelle Bush Zucchini is under attack by squash bugs but a little toad that lives in the stone house has been helping us out by feasting on the terrible pests.

Peppers, peppers, and more peppers! Oh, how happy those loaded little plants make me. The pea trellis has turned into a trellis for the Hale's Best Melon. A few little juicy orbs are hiding among the leaves.

The dill was knocked over in a storm but still seems to be doing well. Our onion bulbs poke farther and farther out of the ground as their bodies swell. A Moon & Stars watermelon is ripe for picking! Christian welded industrial-strength tomato cages out of re-bar. I'd like to see those babies fall over! And the pumpkins are turning orange... autumn is right around the corner.


Sally Anderson said…
Wow! Kelly, this is an amazing garden. Will you be canning or freezing or both? We tried to get a "real" tomato at a farm stand today and I'm pretty sure they bought their tomatoes in the grocery store. YUK! It's so dry here that nothing is growing so I shouldn't be surprised. But I love your garden (except for the squash bugs -- ick!). Can't wait to hear what you'll do with all this food!
Mellisa said…
What a stunning garden you have! I'm so envious :) Despite the perfect climate for growing almost everything here in San Diego, between my little patio and the critters who visit from the canyon I have little to show!
Kelly J. R. said…
Sally - I've done some canning in the past few years but I'm not sure what I'll do this year. We bought a big chest freezer so I can see myself freezing more things than canning. Canning is just so time consuming!

Mellisa - Thanks for the nice comment!

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