On Our Menu: August 8 - 14

The end of last week's menu plan got a little messed up due to an unexpected doctor appointment on Thursday which resulted in working late and bringing home pizza for dinner. So, the start of this week will include recipes that I was going to make last week. Hey, it's a lot less planning that way! 

On Thursday we're going to the FVSG's annual picnic. It's a potluck and the dish you bring should include some local foods. I'm bringing Rosemary-Honey shortbread cookies. The rosemary is from my garden and the honey is from a local beekeeper. I always enjoy seeing what yummy foods people come up with.

Vegetables in our garden are finally turning ripe so we'll be eating quite a few meals this week fresh from our backyard.

LAST WEEK'S MENU IN REVIEW (View the original post here)
Monday: The Open-Face Egg Sandwich recipe came out of the Super Natural Every Day cookbook. The egg salad is very healthy in that it uses yogurt instead of mayo. The flavor was kind of mild and accented just a bit by fresh chives plucked from our garden.
Tuesday: I don't remember where I got this tostada recipe but I was greatly disappointed. The flavor was very bland. At least I was able to use up some of our zucchini.
Wednesday: The beer-steamed hobo pack was just okay. I used MGD 64 which was probably a mistake. I think the potatoes would have turned out a lot better with a better beer. Go figure! I think the strong Horny Goat beer I was drinking while grilling probably assaulted my taste buds a bit too. But, I love trying out different microbrews, especially if they're from the Midwest.
Thursday: Glass Nickel carry-out pizza
Friday: Johnsonville has some new chicken sausages out so I thought we would give those a whirl. We tried the Three Cheese Italian flavor and they were pretty good. The only bad thing about them was that I burnt the sh*t out of my tongue because the cheese gets nuclear hot. Now onto the Grilled Romaine Hearts with Caesar Vinaigrette. OMG! Seriously, one of the best things that has ever come off our grill. This was my first time grilling lettuce but it will definitely not be my last. 
Saturday & Sunday: The Millet Tabbouleh with Cilantro and Lime was better than I was expecting. I think the lime juice is what makes this recipe really come together. I served it as a main course but I think it would do better as a side. The recipe makes a lot so we ate it on Sunday too.


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