Our Bead Soup

Now that my Bead Soup partner, Sally, has received the beads that I sent, I can show the real photo:

Round stone beads, wood sections, Kylie Parry ceramic pendant, jade leaves,
blue glass, swarovski crystals and a flower/leaf toggle.

Not knowing Sally or what she likes, I had a hard time coming up with a collection of beads for her. I tried a few different approaches but wasn't happy with the outcome. In the end I put together beads that I would have been happy receiving. Sally and I both got a chuckle out of what we sent each other because some of the elements were so similar. Here's what I got from Sally:

Leaves, wood, stone.... sound familiar? I love what she put together for me! I've been brainstorming a necklace design and pulling inspiration from a lot of different sources. These three images will have an influence on my final piece:

I like the long, multiple strands of the necklace on the Eddie Bauer model. I will be using a color palette similar to the Real Simple magazine cover - just not as bright. And my necklace will interpret a waterfall, trees and leaves. I'm excited to get started!


urracaa.com said…
Love the Kylie Parry pendant. Have several of her pendants too. Still untouched though.

I love to see what you will come up with.
Pretty Things said…
I hope you guys have fun! You're both such sweethearts, I felt you would work well together!

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