The War Has Begun

Over the weekend I was poking around in my Cocozelle Bush Zucchini (geez, that sounds dirty) when my stomach dropped. These little bastards are back:

This photo trio is from 3 years ago. Luckily, so far this year I haven't seen any large adults like in the right photo. If you've ever had squash bugs in your garden, you know how devastating they can be to zucchini, melons, squash, pumpkins and the like. We garden organically and don't use any sprays whatsoever which makes eradication of these pests all the harder. I've been inspecting the undersides of my zucchini leaves and squashing any eggs or babies that I find. 

Last night I found a toad hopping around in the shade of the bushy plant. I'm hoping that he's feasting on squash bugs because the Lord knows I need all the help I can get. I built the toad a little house out of rocks in hopes that he hangs around and becomes an ally in this war against squash bugs.


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