On Our Menu: September 26 - October 2

While at the library on Friday I spied a new cookbook: Real Simple Best Recipes: Easy, Delicious Meals. Every recipe includes a full page food photo. Now that's my kind of cookbook! I brought the book home and as I was paging through it, I realized that some of my favorite go-to recipes are in the book. Over the years I had forgotten that I had copied them from Real Simple magazine. I really need to get better at listing the source when I transfer a recipe to an index card. This week I'm trying out 2 new recipes from the cookbook. Hopefully they become favorites as well.

LAST WEEK'S MENU IN REVIEW (View the original post here)
Monday: This In-A-Hurry Tamale Pie is delicious and it's so easy and quick to make. My only problem was finding a polenta roll. Sheesh! I guess people in this part of Wisconsin don't eat polenta. World Market saved the day.
Tuesday: Peanut Tofu & Veggie Soba is a favorite recipe from the Power Foods cookbook.
Wednesday: I love portobello burgers. We're trying to grow our own mushrooms so we can have burgers more often but more on that later.
Thursday: The Emeril's Farmer's Market Frittata was bland. I would recommend making this Frittata Roma instead.
Friday: Vegetable & Edamame with Basil Cream Sauce became a favorite from the first time I made it. You should try it too!
Saturday: Leftovers!
Sunday: Since I didn't make the crockpot sloppy joes on Saturday, I made them today instead. Nothing special or fancy about them.
Baking: Didn't happen. Maybe this week!


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