Today is my golden birthday. Yep, I'm 30. I thought that I would have a hard time turning the big 3-0 but aside from the gray hairs that have been popping up, I'm happy. Maybe it's the way I've been looking at my life this year. On past birthdays I would feel disappointed that I was turning another year older because I have so many things I want to do in my life. The ol' Bucket List just keeps growing. But this year I decided to look back on the past 30 years (mostly just the past 10) and remember all of the amazing things I've already done. Some of these things were on my Bucket List, some not. Regardless, they are things that stick out in my mind as happy memories and have helped shape me into the person I am today. I am so blessed.

(In chronological order for the most part. Follow the text links for a lot more pictures.)

1. Rebuilt a section of the Continental Divide Trail in the San Juans Mountains of Colorado for 4 weeks with the Student Conservation Association.
2. Served on the Executive Committee with the Fox Valley Sierra Group for 10 years.
3. Whitewater kayaked Class IV rivers in Costa Rica & the Dominican Republic.

Kayaking the Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica. That's me on the left.

4. Helped maintain a section of the Ice Age Trail in Waupaca/Portage Counties in WI.
5. Got certified in Wilderness First Aid.
6. Designed 37 signs for a nature trail at Camp Helen Brachman near Waupaca, WI.
7. Taught Conservation & Art Classes in the Russian Far East for 3 weeks with the International Crane Foundation.
8. Adopted Riley – my first dog.

9. Zip-lined through the rainforest in Costa Rica.
10. Heard a volcano rumble.
11. Scuba dived and snorkeled for 7 days on Glover’s Atoll, Belize.

We stayed in thatch huts over the water on Glover's Atoll. 

12. Accidentally caught a shark while deep sea fishing.
13. Saw the Northern Lights.
14. Bought a house - by myself!
15. Tiled the bathroom floor, hung new drywall, refinished hardwood floors, etc.

16. Started my first garden.
17. Stood atop Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park, Utah.
18. Explored slot canyons in Utah.

In Round Valley Draw - Grand Staircase Escalante, UT.

19. Walked on the Golden Gate Bridge.
20. Backpacked on Isle Royale in Lake Superior.
21. Learned how to throw pottery.
22. Rock climbed 200 feet up Devil’s Tower in WY.
23. Fed a giraffe (my favorite animal).

At the N.E.W. Zoo in Suamico, WI.

24. Saw a moose in the wild.
25. Donated 13” of my hair to Locks of Love.
26. Biked the Elroy-Sparta Trail.
27. Got married!
28. Adopted Buster – our 2nd dog.

29. Learned how to knit and spin wool.
30. Stood atop 1,000 feet of ice on the Athabasca Glacier.

On the Athabasca Glacier - Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada.

If that's what the last 30 years have been like, I can't wait for the next 30!


coffeeaddict said…
Happy BD :-D
You've done some amazing things!
Kelly J. R. said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
Love hearing about all your adventures. Had to check out the place you stayed in Belize- looks AMAZING!. We will be going for our second time in March :)


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