Backpacking in the Porkies

Earlier this week Christian and I spent 4 days backpacking through one of our favorite places - the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan. We hiked about 12 miles a day and stayed at a different rustic cabin each night. Cold wintery winds were blowing off of Lake Superior but our little cabins were nice and cozy. Four days out in nature was exactly what I needed to restore my soul. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our trip.


Kathy said…
Wow, Kelly, these pics are beautiful! I wished 2 things as I read your post. First, I wished that my body was capable of hiking 12 miles a day. I have back problems, so that sounds downright miraculous to me! Second, I wished that I was more "rustic" and able to "rough it", but it's just not in me! So it was fun to live vicariously through your adventure. :-)
Kelly J. R. said…
I'm glad you liked the pictures! I've been camping and hiking since I was 4 years old so I guess it's in my blood. One thing about roughing it is that it makes you realize how happy you can be with SO little.

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