Skeleton Birthday Party Invites

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I turn the big 3-0 this month so my parents are throwing me a party. My mom asked me if I wanted to make my own invites. Um, yeah! I saw a really cool skeleton invite on so that's where I started. The template for the skeleton can be downloaded right from the website. I imported the template into InDesign and typed the party info right onto the body so I wouldn't have to hand write 20 different invites. Then, I printed the skeleton out on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of white card stock, cut out the individual pieces, and assembled Mr. Bones with mini brads. Aren't they hilarious? I also added a little ribbon bow tie.

I knew I didn't want to buy envelopes so instead I built a template for a #9 policy envelope that fits on one 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. 

This also allowed me to customize my envelopes and add some fun graphic elements. I printed out each envelope on orange card stock, cut out the corners, then folded and glued the flaps.

The party is being held at my family's land so I wanted to include a set of directions. I built the envelope so the flaps were notched out enough for the "HEY!" to be visible. I didn't want people to miss that there was another item inside so it was important to have the directions stand out.

To make the skeleton fit inside of the envelope you have to swing his legs up so his feet are by his head. How's that for flexibility!

I'm so happy with how the invites turned out and I'm sure they brought a smile to my guest's faces.


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