Barn Restoration - New Doors

Toward the end of last year Christian built 4 new beautiful doors to go on the newly sided north side of our barn. We had the doors stored in the machine shed far too long and finally found time to hang them. 

First we had to move the doors from the shed to the barn. Since it was just the 2 of us working on this project we relied on our little tractor to do the heavy lifting. We used a winch to crank the doors upright on the pallet forks then ever so slowly drove over to the barn.

Christian used the tractor to position the door underneath the track. I had the fun job of going up on the ladder and yelling commands to get the wheels lined up with the track. UP! LEFT! IN! and so on... Once the wheels were lined up, a come-along was attached to the hitch on the truck and the bottom of the door. The door was then slowly cranked over and into the track. It really was a brilliant set-up. Can you tell that Christian is an engineer?

The 1st door took 3 hours to hang because we didn't have a system figured out yet. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th doors took a total of 3 hours!

Gosh, they're beautiful! Seeing the north side done has made us excited to get the rest of the barn re-sided.


coffeeaddict said…
Admirable and cheerful :-)

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