On Our Menu: November 28 - December 4 & Thanksgiving Recap

Christian and I took a little vacation last week and spent 4 days in Milwaukee with his family. On Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner with Christian's mom's side of the family. I made a Nectarine & Blackberry Pie which was just okay. My favorite dish of the night was Auntie's mashed potatoes. WOW! They were so amazing. Driving back to his parent's house we saw people tenting outside of Best Buy waiting for the Black Friday deals. We stayed away from that craziness!

Photo from vegetariantimes.com
(My pie did NOT look that good!)

On Friday we went indoor rock climbing at Adventure Rock until our arms were ready to fall off. Every time we visit there I am in awe of the people who can climb upside down - as in under an overhang. I can hardly get to the top of the 40' wall when it's vertical! 

Photo from adventurerock.com

The rest of Friday and Saturday was spent walking the dogs on the trails at the nearby park, shopping at thrift stores, eating, watching movies, and eating some more. Wait until what you see what I found at the Goodwill store. I'll post more on that later this week.

On Sunday, we attended the baptism of Christian's best friend's newborn who is also named Christian. First, we met at the Mineshaft in Hartford for lunch where we ate another huge meal. Just what we needed!

Christian holding Christian.

Next, we headed to a small church near the base of Holy Hill for the baptism service. Someday we'll have to go back and tour the Shrine because it looks absolutely amazing. The Ice Age trail also runs through that area so I wouldn't mind doing a little hiking either.

Photo from www.sacred-destinations.com/usa/holy-hill-basilica

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get to enjoy a long weekend? We didn't get home from our mini vacation until yesterday evening so our menu this week is all oldies but goodies.


Amy Rene said…
looks like a great time! love spending the holidays traveling around to see family! Happy (late) Thanksgiving :)
Kathy said…
What do you put in skillet potatoes? I'm curious to know!
Kelly J. R. said…
Kathy - I have 2 dishes that are "Clean Out the Fridge" dishes: burritos and skillet potatoes. We rarely eat potatoes but when I do buy them, I get the big 5# bag. I had some potatoes leftover from a soup that I made last week so I needed to use those up.

This time around for the skillet potatoes I sliced up the potatoes and threw them in a skillet with some canola oil and Penzeys "English Prime Rib Rub" seasoning. That sounds weird but it gives the dish a nice robust, meaty taste without the meat! Once the potatoes were cooked and starting to brown, I added a diced onion, chopped broccoli, and 8 oz. sliced button mushrooms. It was delicious!

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