Barn Restoration - Residing the East Wall

We knew from the start of our barn restoration project that we would replace the whole north side of the barn. Our original plan was to just cut off the lower boards on the other 3 sides and patch in new ones. After we saw how nice the north side looks with brand new siding, we decided to replace ALL of the wood on the other sides. This will be way more expensive but we're hoping it won't ever have to be done again... at least not in our lifetimes.

This is how the east side of the barn looked at the start:

Pretty crappy. From ground to peak is over 40 feet so we rented a boom lift instead of using ladders and scaffolding. Christian worked on this side of the barn all by himself but he DID take me for a ride in the boom lift. The views of our farm were incredible but, boy, we were high! Do you see how tiny our border collies look in the center right photo?

One thing we did differently with this side of the barn was to pre-paint the new boards. Over the summer Christian's parents helped us roll paint on what seemed like a never-ending pile of wood. BUT we got the wood painted for the ENTIRE rest of the barn so it was worth it!

Once all of the new boards were hung, Christian rolled on another coat of paint.

Then last but not least, he cut in a pretty little octagonal window. We debated for a long time about whether to put that window in or not but now we both love it!

Unlike the north side, this side we get to enjoy every day because it faces the house. It sure looks sharp. Only 2 more sides to go!


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