A Night of Games

What are you doing for New Year's Eve? Our tradition is to spend the night at my uncle's house with some of my cousins and other family members. We eat snacks, drink brandy slush and play fun board games. Nothing fancy. Just jeans and sweatshirts, family and lots of laughs. 


coffeeaddict said…
Our plan was to stay in, order food instead of cooking (the ultimate luxury) and watch Love Actually for the Nth time. Instead, we accepted a last minute invite to spend it at my cousin's house where the food was sublime, my cousin bakes his own bread, and the company was even better.
Happy 2012
Kelly J. R. said…
Sounds like you had a nice night! I hear ya on the ordering food. I cook every single night (which I enjoy) but when it's my husband's turn to cook (in other words, we go out to eat) it's SUCH a treat! We only go out maybe once a month, if that.

Happy 2012 to you too!
Vera said…
you are my kinda girl - i love game night!

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