On Our Menu: December 5 - 11

Does anyone else feel like time is moving too fast? December seems very out of control right now. My Christmas shopping is almost done and I only have 2 more handmade gifts to finish BUT our Thanksgiving decorations are still up and we don't have a Christmas tree! Hopefully this weekend we can make the trek out to my family's land to cut one down.

Speaking of time and not having enough, this shiny beauty was my birthday present this year and what a time-saver it is!

I've always said that I didn't want a dishwasher but that was before I had to commute an hour to work then still find time in the evening to walk the dogs and cook. I've always hated doing the dishes and it just seemed like the right time to break down and "hire" a little help in the kitchen. Well, it's fabulous and I wish we would have installed one a long time ago.

Now, onto our menu. We didn't get to have pancakes over the weekend so we had them last night for supper. They were delicious! I'm trying 3 new recipes this week. I'll let you know next week how they went.


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